Help-Line – Dialing Instructions

Olin’s Help-Line is a telephone and internet service for Olin employees and business partners. You may contact Olin’s Help-Line to ask a question or raise a concern about Olin’s business practices.

You may call the Help-Line toll-free from the following countries:

Australia: 1-800-13-5708
Brazil: 0800-047-4146
Canada: 1-800-362-8348
China: 400-880-1487
Germany: 0800-724-3565
Italy: 800-902432
Japan: 0120-94-4048
Korea: 080-908-0978
Netherlands: 0800-020-1701
Switzerland: 0800-00-0528
United States: 1-800-362-8348

To call the Help-Line from other countries:

Dial an international operator and ask for 770-810-1127. Collect calls will be accepted by The Network’s customer service personnel.

Please Note:
– The call will be answered in English.
– You will be given the option to speak in your own language.
– It may take several minutes to arrange for an interpreter.
– During this time please do not hang up.

If a telephone number listed above is not functioning, please make your report online at Please indicate in your report that the telephone number did not work.